Measure and manage your Social Value 

Social value has experienced a rapid increase in interest in recent times.  We would argue that this has been accompanied by an equally rapid rise in confusion over what it is, what is it for, and why and how it should be measured.

Our Social value tool is unique because it can manage all types of social value without being tied to a particular methodology whether that be SROI, Social audit, LM3 or other.  This gives all organisations complete flexibility in determining their social value and to construct and record measures that are appropriate for them and their clients, while at the same time producing an auditable, and coherent mechanism to demonstrate the social value that the organisation has delivered.  This can be used in public procurement, for stakeholders, CSR, or trustees.

Who is the tool for?

Public sector

To provide objective evidence of community benefit, sustainability measurement, and social value.

Private sector

To demonstrate added value of contract work and local benefit and to deliver auditable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Not for profits

To evidence the value generated by grants and contracts to the local community and to evidence public sector and other delivery contracts.

International foundations

To evaluate grant aid impact and to act as a selection tool to ensure objects are met.